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Rising Star Mint
1/10th troy oz
Cannabis of the World Series Coin.
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is Employee Owned and operated in the
  Made in U.S.A  U.S.Made in U.S.A
This Milwaukee, Wisconsin Based Company 
Designs and Produces a Full line of Fractional .999 Fine Silver Collectables that are produced in the Highest of Industries Standards, Our products are produced the same way the U.S government produces U.S Quarters, Dimes & Nickels. Our Products are Die Cut from a perfectly milled sheet of .999 fine silver, micro bead polished then the Design is Die Struck on both sides which creates a one of a kind flawless mirror like finished unlike any molded piece on today's fractional collectors market.

This weed coin-marijuana coin is the best purchase that I've ever made! Buyer: ebay Member id  c*b*w*i*g2012 May-22-12 20:34

Rising Star Mint is a ® registered trademark of Rising Star Mint Inc. and Our Products are Exclusively Sold by Rising Star Mint Inc. to maintain and preserve Quality.

You Won't Find a Better Collectors Piece Period.

We also Offer hard to find Gold & Silver products from some of the Industries Top Manufacture's along with other collectables and accessories.

Every order is shipped the very next business day after payment has cleared. most orders arrive within a few days from purchase.

NO WAITING 3 to 4 weeks for your purchase here.
   We Do Not Drop Ship Anything Ever We Stock/Carry Everything listed in our catalog and online store.


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Rising Star Mint is a ® registered trademark of Rising Star Mint Inc. and is Employee Owned and Operated In The U.

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Rising Star Mint

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